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4-Color Custom Printed Stickers.

Full Color Custom Printed Stickers

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Gemini Yard Signs can print full color custom printed stickers for your business.

Gemini Yard Signs have been printing full color custom vinyl stickers and decals for our customers all over the country. These stickers are printed in process color (CMYK) and are custom contour cut to shape. Because they are produced using solvent inks on vinyl, they are durable for both indoor and outdoor applications with no fading for years. And – by adding clear lamination – the effective life of your custom sticker can be doubled.

Our stickers have been used for product labels, control panels, in manufacturing as warning labels and signage, and as cover up stickers and labels for address changes. We make custom stickers and graphics that have been used for television and movies, as well as for bands, performers and touring action sports shows. Gemini Yard Signs is experienced in producing large format custom car stickers, graphics for windows, and signs for businesses all over the world.

If you are looking for attention-getting full color stickers, decals or product labels, we have the perfect solution for you. Using this digital technology we can print as few as one sticker in full color on adhesive backed vinyl, and contour cut around the design or logo. Much more durable than paper roll labels, these stickers are available in just about any size or shape. Turnaround is fast, and the setup is much less than traditional screening and die-cutting of stickers and labels, flexographic printing, or offset printing.

The digital technology eliminates the need for expensive films, screen and die charges usually associated with traditional methods of multicolor printing and therefore economical to print in smaller quantities — it is possible to print even as few as one sticker or label!

Imagine true photographic-quality printing and precision die-cutting of your sticker or decal. There is even the possibility of printing multiple custom designs and shapes on the same page.

Let us work with you or your marketing and design department to help solve some of the problems you may have when looking for specialized labels, decals, and signs and graphics. Have your stickers printed quickly and accurately by company you can trust.

Gemini Yard Signs is experienced and will produce your custom stickers, decal, and labels at a fair price.

Email sales@geminiyardsigns.com and we will help you out.

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